“365 Sonnets,” my book of poetry

Over the course of the last twenty-three years (1994 to 2016), I have written many sonnets, the first three hundred sixty-five of which I have now published in a single volume.  Some are Shakespearean, some are Petrarchan, and some are in cycles such as “crowns”;  they address a variety of topics and a few are not quite in iambic pentameter, but all are in rhyming verse and fourteen lines.  During this writing career, I have won prizes through the state poetry societies of Tennessee, Texas, Massachusetts and Oregon, and I have had publications in such periodicals as “Verseweavers” and “Thresholds.”  Copies of my book are available for $20.  Checks may be sent to Christopher Wicks at 101 Jade Hills Dr., Silverton, OR 97381, and the price includes domestic shipping.  Hail Poetry!